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Wednesday, November 5th, 2003

Time:9:00 pm.
For those who are still interested, I have a new LJ-account. Kata_chan. Go there, add me and so on. Yeah.

This will die away.
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Saturday, August 30th, 2003

Subject:Bye bye miss American pie
Time:2:38 pm.
Something (or all) new here. Fe-malevolency and Dimension up next week. I'm really feeling like coding. Yay!

I think I'll leave this whole LJ-businness, since I don't have lots of readers and I personally find simple blogging much nicer. At least I get to do the layouts. *Glares at LJ-template which she still doesn't understand* You can all follow my blog in m-p.net.

Or then I'll continue ranting here IF you ask me nicely enough. *Malicious grin*
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Tuesday, August 26th, 2003

Time:8:10 pm.
Well hello again, you inexistent readers!

I have a new God (that reminded me, I don't belong to lutheran church anymore. I 'logged out'. I don't believe in God and I think the whole christian religion is hypocrite, so why'd I stay? Yeah, my funeral is going to cost a pretty penny, but hell, 'tis not my problem, by then I'm already DEAD!). Masashi Kishimoto. You may know him as a mangaka of the world's most kickass ninja-manga of all time, Naruto. You can tell I'm pretty much addicted to Naruto. I found 181 chapters (that's like all there is, 182 was published in original Shonen Jump last week..) of Naruto-manga and dude. I'm in love. I had already been freaking out because the Naruto-anime is so great and when I found out that they're still distributing the manga in the net (though Naruto was licenced by Viz like half a year ago..), I fell from my chair.

I just love the manga.

Made me write even more Naruto-fanfiction. I like writing Naruto-fanfiction. Mostly because I love all the characters and they are interesting punch of people to write about. And yeah, have also been drawing lots and lots of Naruto-fanart.
That's what manga does to your head.

And Shikamaru is my favorite Naruto-boy. Dunno why. His IQ is 200. He's lazy. He's grumpy. He's frighteningly intelligent. I love him.
And I think Iruka comes in second. Ties with Naruto, I guess. Naruto's such an idiot, but hell, you must love him. And then comes Kakashi. And then the open pervert, Jiraiya! *Chuckles* He's great.


*Goes to play Soul Reaver 2*
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Thursday, August 21st, 2003

Subject:Unrighteous dimension of despair
Time:1:36 pm.
Ahh, I'm so going to be late for school, but thought of babbling some nonsense if you lot are interested in reading. *Shrug* Oh well.

I am going to order my drawing tablet today. I've been surfing at gorgeous art sites the whole morning and I'm sick and tired of not being cabable of colouring my drawings with computer ('cause I simply suck in using the friggin' mouse..). My consciousness is going to kill me for doing it, but I'm just gonna lock him (yeah I do believe it's gotta be male..) deep inside the clutches of my corrupted brain and so long, annoying nagging. I've spent over 150 euros in manga this summer and am planning to spend more as they will publish Yami no Matsuei volume five in Germany next month and I found out they've translating Naruto into German as well. Holy shit, how can I keep my hands off Naruto manga?! I'm totally obsessed with the anime and have been hoping to get my eager little hands to the manga ever since.
And I'll be going to Paris next month and you know what they're doing in France? Translating Rurouni Kenshin, of course. And after reading French for three years, I might even be able to read it! Sugoiii!
Not even to mention the anime-seminar they're having in Oulu next month.

I'm dead.

*Goes and orders the tablet*

Peace of mind, see? I think I'll skip the geology lessons (ohh I'm so going to hell..) and go to library and just DRAW. Draw like a maniac. Draw like I've never drawn before. *Fingers are itching* And then I want to make a new layout for /skatanic. And I should also work on Fe-malevolency, the fanfiction-archive of me and Iris. It's gonna be a blast. Lots of NC-17 and lots of cuddly fluffy stuff. Iris takes care of the hardcore-porn and I'm writing fluff as am friggin' incabable of writing anything else.

And then you can read some fanfiction if you want to. I'm hooked in writing fanfiction as well. Rats. I haven't got time to do all the things I'd want to do. It sucks. I'm also hooked to FFX (as I finally bought PS2..) and dying to play it. Seymour is such a BABE.
Would also like to play Soul Reaver 2. Now as I have it, finally.

Oh yeah. The fics.

Cavalcade of Nightmares - Yami no Matsuei - Muraki x Tsuzuki - NC-17</a>
Anxiety - Naruto - Kakashi x Iruka - R
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Tuesday, August 12th, 2003

Subject:Zankoku na tenshi no TE-ZE
Time:9:31 pm.
Watashi wa Ayanami Rei. That's blue-haired little me.

I can't stand anime dubbed in English. *Shiver*
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Friday, August 8th, 2003

Subject:"wake up, mathias! he's about as convincing as popeye in drag!"
Time:8:15 pm.
Ahh, am SUCH a slagger. *Screams in frustration*
I had my last day working at the mail center today. Yay. No waking up at 5.30 am anymore! But school starts next tuesday. I have six weeks to make it through 10 or so courses and goddess knows what. I still have no motivation for studying and I'm very much afraid I won't graduate this december. I MUST try! I WANT TO graduate! I can't understand what's so difficult in it? It's just me being difficult again.. darned drama queen I am.

Yeah, last weekend I went to Animecon II with my boyfriend Tuukka and lovely Iris. I cosplayed as Shuichi. Iris did Himura Kenshin. Haha. Tuukka just strolled around with us and tried to endure our endless slash-talk and yaoi-oriented opinions. Had real fun. It was only two days but I'd have gladly been there for a whole week! All the poeple were so nice and friendly and just as addicted to anime as I am. I loved it there.
I could post pictures but am TOO LAAA-ZYYYY!

Aaaand.. yeah. The fanfiction archive of me and Iris will be online as soon as I finish the first chapter of my Sanosuke-epic and translate my Muraki x Tsuzuki fic into english.


I'm gone now. Have to play Ranma ½: Hard Battle. I had to download SNES-emulator just to get that damned game. It's great. =D I'm playing with Mousse all the time, because Mousse is the best. I'm looking for cheats so I could play with Pantyhose Taro. He's one of the bosses.

And yes, my life is nothing but anime and videogames. (What a coincidence that my boyfriend's life it nothing but anime and videogames too. What brought us together, after all? You can't say anime is no good, darn it.. *grin*) Also ordered three volumes of Yami no Matsuei in GERMAN from an online bookstore. And I don't know any german (well I do know the basics..). But Yami no Matsuei is a must-have, and since german is a western language I am able to understand it a wee bit better than japanese.. you see my point. You could say I have no life. I should order life from a darned online store instead of manga. Maybe they're selling one at Ebay right this moment.

It's YELLOW outside! And it's raining. What a strange scenery.
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Thursday, July 24th, 2003

Time:12:44 pm.
Oo, I LOVE DeviantART. *Bliss* I'm very much addicted to comments I'm getting. People actually like my works! Cannot cope.

Animecon is one week away. Whee. I was supposed to cosplay Muraki, but I couldn't colour my hair white, so that much of doing Muraki. Last night I thought my brains out about who am I gonna cosplay and then it hit me: I'm doing Shuichi since I'll dye my hair pink anyway!
What a marvellous idea!
I like Shuichi, I might even look like him and he's easy to do and people may even recognize him. Whee. Am enthusiastic. I'm doing the yellow-orange coat of his, the one he wears when singing Rage Beat in the anime. I know you know what I mean.

Uhh. Off to watch Trigun. Still haven't finished watching it. Am such a slagger.
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Tuesday, July 22nd, 2003

Time:4:10 pm.
Updated m-p.net, uploaded dozen drawings to my deviantART-account and opened Shishio-fanlisting.

Now if I just had the time to write my epic Sanosuke -fic, draw at least perfect character studies of my own manga, watch 90 episodes of Inu-Yasha, 13 eps of Hellsing, 26 of Cowboy Bebop, 10 of Final Fantasy Unlimited, 20 of Rurouni Kenshin and couple of Miyazaki's movies, everything'd be just fine.

Yay. *Tired*
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Wednesday, July 16th, 2003

Subject:Aku, soku, zan
Time:6:44 pm.
Ohh, lazyass, lazyass, lazyass (repeat thousand times and you're almost there).

Was in Ilosaarirock. Had fun. Had a bottle of whiskey. Riina drank almost all of the whiskey so I was totally sober saturday evening and the fiery hell that was sunday. I pre-revenged Riina and drank her Smirnoff Ice and smoked all her cigarettes.
I didn't see much bands though. Ilosaarirock is such a great rockfestival you are willing to pay 45 euros just to be there, sit in the camping area with your friends, get drunk and have fun. The atmosphere is stunning. Yeah, I did see Bombshell Rocks (but was too tired so I wasn't dancing. Just watching. Had been awake for 36 hours and it was hot, so there..). The best gig was absolutely Raised Fist's. It was fucking great! HC and moshpit, what more do you need?! I got punched in the ear and it bled like hell. No pit without damage! Getting hurt is the heart of hardcore.
After the gig I looked like I had been rolling around in mud.
And my dear friend Iris was there too and I spent all the friday night with her, chatting about anime and slash in general, listening to anime music, chainsmoking, drinking cheap wine and gaining the title of "animechicks" from couple of random guys in our campsite.
Loff her dearly.
At august I'm going to Turku with her. Animecon II. I'm actually very much enthusiastic about it. Anime convention, IN FINLAND! Why haven't anybody TOLD ME about it earlier?! We're definitely going. We will even cosplay! I will be Muraki (since my hair is going to be white in couple of days..) and don't know about her yet. She was talking about being Kagome or Misao, but I dunno. She has the hairstyle of Lina Inverse, but damn it'd be hard making Lina's outfit. I will get away with Muraki only by doing the long, white coat of his. And I've always wanted a coat like that, so there.
And I will be doing a fanfiction archive for our fics, since we both are totally hooked in writing fanfiction. Iris is the goddess of Shishio x Soujiro -slash and I can't wait to read her "Hiko molesting little boys" -fic she's been talking about. She's extremelt talented yaoi-writer. I mean, d00d.
And I.. I write anything. I am currently working with Kenshin x Sanosuke -fic, which will be quite long. I mean, my Naruto- and YnM-fics have been 5 pages each, this will have chapters. And there's also one very, very angsty OotP-based Sirius x Remus -fic I'm dying to write. I'm just waiting for the angst.

I was writing about Ilosaarirock and here I am babbling about slash. Damn me.

This week's been nothing but sunshine. I kinda hate it. It's way too hot to be outside. I can't stand being outside, direct sunlight is killing me. So I'm staying willingly indoors, watching anime, drawing and writing. And coding, yes, I'm writing html too.

Friday I will go to Keuruu to see Tuukka. I will actually go and get him back here, but I'll spent the night there and come back Heinola with him saturday. I don't even know if it's such a good idea. Maybe I'll even have to meet his parents. O_o
Dude, that'd be so totally freaky.

Will continue with Kenshin x Sanosuke -fic. It will be a blast.

Edit: I hate people who speak english as their native language but can't spell worth a damn. Yeah, I know I can't spell, but that's only because I'm a damn finnish girl with only poor 9 years of education in English language.
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Wednesday, July 9th, 2003

Time:6:12 pm.
so nothing will be online this week. i'm really sorry, but i'm damn busy. i've got relationships to keep up with (and i really want to be with those people, more than update my damn website. wait.. no, i'm not quite sure about that. .. just kidding.), i'm working, i sleep less than four hours a day (i try to sleep at daytime but i always wake up even more tired than i was when i went to sleep, so it's pointless..) so i'm tired all the time and sometimes i just simply don't have the energy to do things and i have commissions to draw. and i'm leaving to ilosaarirock next friday, so there.
i'm damn sorry, but it seems like i haven't got the time to do everything i'd like to.
i hate this. i truly hate this.

i'll try to do it next week. i'll even neglect my damn relationships if i have to, but i've promised the updates for so long and i have a loose deadline for shishio-fanlisting and everything.

i'm such a slagger.

BUT look at the bright side og life: i got a new scanner. look at this. the three musketeers, from left to right: porthos, athos and aramis. it's not finished as you can see (athos has no hands, the capes are not colored, inking unfinished..), but i wanted to scan something. so there.
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Thursday, July 3rd, 2003

Time:9:51 pm.
My Shishio-fanlisting was approved by thefanlistings.org, so it will be online next week, along with huge m-p.net update. I am also trying to find time to finally start working on my comic. I really want to work on it, but haven't got the time.
Or actually I would have, but I am good at misusing my time. I'm such a geek.

Heading for Helsinki tomorrow. I have to take Jenni to airport, she's once again going to Norway to see her boyfriend Lars. Me, Suvi and Riina are going shopping. Yay. Am planning to spend all my money to buy manga. Kyahaha.

And.. err. Yeah. Back to watch Trigun. Do I love Legato Bluesummers? No.
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Monday, June 30th, 2003

Time:7:23 pm.
Haven't slept in 30 hours. I stayed up last night because I got a sudden inspiration rush at 2 am and then stayed up until I had to go to work. I wrote Naruto -fanfiction. Sasuke x Naruto. Read it if you want to:

Follow the Leader - Sasuke x Naruto - rated: R
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Sunday, June 29th, 2003

Time:9:31 pm.
updating m-p.net next week.

finally working on deviantART -account.

shishio-fanlisting coming up if i get a permission from thefanlistings.org.

just a quick entry. gone again. have to watch the last three episodes of naruto.
my neck is killing me. still. i can't turn my head. blame my brand new boyfriend. =D no, not really. don't blame him.
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Saturday, June 21st, 2003

Time:4:19 pm.
i am the least likely person to post these things, but i found this extremely amusing. "serial killer", that might be true. nobel price too. *diabolical laughter* nobel price of literature by writing shishio x soujiro -slash.

Magic Number14
JobSerial Killer
TemperamentCool And Calm
Likely To WinA Nobel Prize
Me - In A WordGenius
Brought to you by MemeJack

likely to update soon. or then i'm just saying so.
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Thursday, June 19th, 2003

Time:3:05 pm.
i just sold my soul for kakashi x iruka.

*falls in fantasycoma*
ninja-yaoi never looked so good.
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Wednesday, June 18th, 2003

Subject:sore wa himitsu desu
Time:4:46 pm.
why the fuck is livejournal in finnish?
am amazed. see, it even make me do an entry. though this ain't very good entry.. bwah, i could do so much better.

midsummer. bwah. not inspired. god i wish my life really could be just laying around, watching anime, drawing stuff and eating and sleeping. yes, of course i'm most of the time bored out of my skull, but i'm not gonna deny i kinda like being alone. in some very twisted sort of way.
..no, not that alone, heaven's no.

been working my ass off and am just hoping summer would end and so would my job. i truly hate it. no. that was wrong. i don't hate it. nahh, actually i don't know how do i feel about it. i hate it every morning when i have to wake up at 5.30 am after three hours of sleep. and i hate it at 12 am when i'm all sweaty and hot and still running up and down the non-air-conditioned staircases in apartment buildings, wearing too big, ugly, orange t-shirt. then again i kinda like it when i get to drive around in the car, right hand sticking out of the window and listen to music, volume at 27 and the customers (the people i deliver the mail, mind you..) just stare at me: who is this odd, violet-haired girl delivering our mail who listens to most peculiar pieces of music we've ever heard of (well i wouldn't say nobuo uematsu's music is peculiar.. then again strange would be the word in the minds of older people i deliver the mail to. i strongly believe it's enough to older people to think how the fuck i've gotten the job. and yes, it's true: connections. my dad works at post office).

oh yeah, i was supposed to start watching neon genesis evangelion. [sarcasm] oh, huge robots fighting each other was nice change after watching two weeks of anime mostly about samurais and/or ninjas. [/sarcasm]
i still prefer ninjas over ridiculously large robots. i prefer sword over laser cannon. i prefer fantasy over science fiction. but evangelion seemed interesting and sure it is praised by so many. have to watch it.
am also very much in love with sen to chihiro no kamikakushi. hayao miyazaki is a god of some sort.

yes, i'm working on my deviantART account, sheesh. *eyeroll*

and yes, go check out lissu's photogallery, which i proudly host. she's a darling and pictures are gorgeous.
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Tuesday, May 20th, 2003

Time:6:21 pm.
am back.

and yeah, got the results of matriculation exams. had already laudatur from english, got another from finnish. have been so damn happy the whole day.
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Thursday, May 15th, 2003

Time:6:11 pm.
our dsl-modem fucked up, so you won't be seeing me here for quite awhile. dad said it may take up to three weeks before we can get another one. this entry is public since i thought you all should now. i'm glad, no internet!

i'm hanging around in library with suvi. she's getting a kitten, reading books about cats.

and sinfully good ice cream.
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Friday, May 9th, 2003

Subject:the winds change
Time:1:25 pm.
i'm friends only from now on. add me and i'll most likely add you back.

only for security reasons. =P and i got tired of not knowing who reads this. i want to keep the threads in my own hands.
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Sunday, May 4th, 2003

Time:12:59 pm.
i thought of writing something, though i have absolutely nothing to say. well, you can always check out my drawing of ffix's kuja. and yeah, i actually plan on updating m-p.net. "regular updates" my ass. i'm sorry i'm such a lazy bum who makes promises she cannot keep.
it's just me.

am getting very VERY fanatic over yami no matsuei. and very fanatic over muraki. i love him. seriously. (and no, i don't know what is it with me and the bad guys..) i read chapter five of king of swords -arc yesterday evening and god damn. tsuzuki x muraki -goodness. and i thought the anime was great!
which reminds me, i have to watch kyoto arc again, i can't remember anything about it, because i've only watched it once in a hurry. silly me.

i realized i can't keep up with even the most simple relationships. i have decided to crawl into a deep dark hole and stay there for two years or so, and maybe come out as a reasonable adult who doesn't take everything granted.
i'm lost. and i am VERY bad with relationships.
i don't know what could i do.

and, mommy, now i know what i will be when i grow up. i'll become a psychopath.
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